About Us

I’m Harbir Singh Pandher owner of Royal Honey Bee Farm, from Kuhli Khurd, Ludhiana.

My father- Mr. Gurmail Singh Pandher, was the first one who started beekeeping in our family, 35 years ago, with just two honey bee boxes. With the time he expanded his business and earned great profit from it. My whole childhood I have seen him manually performing all the beekeeping process by himself, at sometimes I was also very interested and curious to learn it from him. But my father wanted me to firstly complete my studies. After completing my engineering, I had options of either doing a job or helping my father in his beekeeping business, and I chose bee-keeping.

Firstly after joining my father’s business, I get the business registered under a brand name “Royal Honey”. I knew that branding is very much important these days, so I discussed it with my father and came up with “ROYAL HONEY” as the product name and farm name. To give my work a more professional touch, I especially visited PAU in 2011 for beekeeping training and implemented that training to gain more profit from the business. In 2013, I also get the product registered under AGMARK. Today, I have total 700 honey-bee boxes from which I am producing honey and bee wax.


Bee Keeping

700 Honey Bee Boxes, Italian Bees.


Wheat and Paddy.


Honey and Bee Wax.


7 Acre.


15 Buffaloes.

Offering High Quality Honey And Other Products

Our Products


Bee Wax

Other Information

To maintain the work, I have employed 7 workers who take care of the migration of the honey bee boxes from one place to another. I use manual processing for honey extraction and also do the packaging, branding and marketing myself.

Other than beekeeping, farming and dairy farming for personal purpose. Currently, I am making good profit from beekeeping and in the free time I also helps other people by guiding them towards the beekeeping business. My future plan is to expand my business on larger extent and also become fully independent in terms of marketing.



Village Royal Honey Bee Farm, Kuhli Khurd, Tehsil- Payal, Ludhiana, Punjab